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Teme - rockSTAR

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Opća rasprava i off- topic salata / Sretan Uskrs
«  u: Travanj 12, 2009, 12:14:13 poslijepodne »
Sretan Uskrs svima koliko vas ima :D :D

Tutoriali / AIMBOT #50104
«  u: Studeni 06, 2008, 03:59:42 poslijepodne »
Call of Duty: Rule Violation #50104

There has been a lot of speculation and frustration regarding this particular so called cheating violation lately.

We have been banning people for the #50104 violation because PunkBuster have been issuing automatic bans for this. Once we started issuing bans, we had an influx of players emailing and appealing the decision saying they are completely innocent.

Now you may say everyone does this, but never on this scale. Basically every one in two players banned, have appealed the decision taken by ClanBase.
Because so many people appealed we decided to postpone banning anyone caught for this offence until we could check into this to make sure of the facts before moving forward with more bans.

It is true the original catch of the violation did indeed involve cheating and the player was kicked and the GUID banned globally. But after that anyone caught using that GUID was automatically kicked and banned for the same violation, #50104.
This means that even if they didn't cheat they were removed from the server and globally banned. Their only offence was using a banned GUID.

We have a lot of players using the same GUID and swapping GUID's in the CoD, CoD2 and CoD4 scenes. This is a problem within the scene itself and also a real problem for ClanBase Anti-Cheat.
A lot of players are having their legitimate key stolen by trojans or other malicious ways. This does mean they are rather naive about internet security, but it does not make them a cheater.

We have to prove that someone actually cheated before we ban anyone. Unlike a lot of other sites we pride ourselves in showing actual proof that someone cheated before we issue a ban.

We have tried to contact EvenBalance directly to try and resolve this, but we cannot get any information as they can't release the original IP that used the cheat that triggered the original #50104 catch. By having IP access we could have proven who the offender was and who were simply kicked for having the GUID. They do not differentiate between the actual cheater or someone who has simply used the banned GUID and because of that so can't we.

ClanBase will always err on the side of caution when something affects so many players. We would hate to ban even one innocent player and we simply refuse to do so. Because this is on a scale unprecedented, we have decided to take the following action:

In accordance with ClanBase's own C&A policy "Any GUID that has been used by someone cheating, will be permanently banned."

In 24 hours time we will be dumping the full list of #50104 catches into the DB. This will then remove all offending GUID's from accounts and ban them permanently. Anyone who logs in and sees their GUID empty will now know why. They are free to enter a new valid GUID and continue playing.
By dumping this list of GUID's into the DB we will be taking them out of circulation and no one else will be able to use them.

This does not mean ClanBase is getting soft on cheaters, it simply means we are trying to resolve a bad situation. We can't get all the information from the people banning the GUID's, so we have decided to ban any offending GUID and not the player.
We will never know if the player cheated or simply used a banned GUID.

I hope this clarifies why ClanBase has taken this decision and we hope the involved scenes understand.

EvenBalance now only bans for #50104 for a known cheat. If someone joins with a banned GUID, they will be given the message Global GUID Ban and not the #50104 reference.

If any new violation catches with reference #50104 are logged as from now, the player along with the GUID will be banned according to the ClanBase Cheat & Abuse Policy.

Treća liga


WarDance klan je pobjednik Treće lige CoD2 S&D OpenCup Spring 2008.


Ovogodišnja 6. sezona CoD2 S&D OpenCup Spring 2008 započela je 31.ožujka. Za admina ovogodišnjeg Open Cup-a izabran je Jaboleq, inače igrač poljske reprezentacije i iskusne ekipe UPS (Underground Polish Soldiers).
Od hrvatskih klanova sudjelovali su: hynix, godspeed, eTigers, DOW, WarDance, BT (Belišće team), hawaii, Nightwish, rdnX, PBT . WarDance klan je smješten u Treću ligu grupa G. Nakon odigranih matcheva u grupi WarDance je prošao u 1/8finala.

Rezultati matcheva u grupi:

1. WarDance by : SteelSeries win from steeltouch*MultiGaming ('noshow')
2. WarDance by : SteelSeries win from Team-Anoiya Cod2 ('noshow')
3. WarDance by : SteelSeries win from  OutCasts x3m Team ('noshow')
4. WarDance by : SteelSeries win from Army of Mercenaries ('noshow')
5. WarDance by : SteelSeries win from h7 ('noshow')

Dakle, iz navedenog se vidi da je u grupi bilo veoma zanimljivo.... Zapravo se nije odigrao niti jedan match.


U 1/8 finala nismo imali protivnika jer je mnogo klanova odustalo od Open Cup-a, pa je bilo mnogo rupa, tj. mnogi klanovi nisu imali protivnika u 1/8 finala te prolaze direktno u 1/4 finala.
Kao protivnik u 1/4 finala nam dolazi suparnik iz grupe Mađari Team-Anoiya Cod2.

Rezultat 1/4 finala:

WarDance by : SteelSeries win from Team-Anoiya Cod2 by forfeit

U 1/2 finalu protivnik nam je trebao biti pobjednik matcha Frelons Verts vs LAST LiNE gaming, no u ovome matchu je doslo do incidenta te su oba klana izbačena iz Open Cup-a i WarDance dobiva direktan prolaz u samo finale Cup-a.

Finale Treće lige CoD2 S&D OpenCup Spring 2008 :

WarDance by : SteelSeries vs xS.team

WarDance by : SteelSeries won by noshow

Svaka čast svim igračima WarDance klana....

Cheat antipropaganda i naklapanja / Aimbot
«  u: Ožujak 17, 2008, 09:52:59 prijepodne »
Evo jucer smo trebali igrati frendly war protiv jedne zanimljive ekipe. Njihovi igraci se spojili na server i tad je sve postalo zanimljivo. Dva su ima igraca sa servera bial kickana, jedan zbog AIMBOT-a, a drugi zbog GLOBAL Guid BAN.


Global Guid ban:

Meni je to sve bilo jako zanimljivo, ne zbog toga sta su haxori nego je svemu tome server kriv; tako su oni tvrdili. Prema njihovom mišljenju server nam je pun bugova koji kicka igrace bez veze, tj. sta je njega kickalo Aimbot to nema veze sa zdravom pameti odnosno to je sve server kriv. Kad sam cul sve te njihove izlike, umalo da sam umro od smijeha.

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